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Providing the music and the party!

We will provide a party atmosphere, that will keep your friends going until 1am. We can be as interactive with your guests as you would like us to be.

Stag n' Does are all about raising $$$ & having a great party at the same time

Our DJ hosts will assist you with all the revenue generators:

  • 50-50 Draws

  • Raffles

  • Toonie Toss

  • Contests

  • Interactive Games

Adding the fun factor to your party and increase revenue!

Spend Money to Make Money?

If a Stag n' Doe is all about making money, than why would I spend money on a DJ?

A good DJ will generate will more money for you than you spent on them.

HOW? Because it is someone dedicated to following up on everything happening in the room. Your wedding party has been assigned to different jobs, the DJ brings it all together.

  • Making annoucements to sell the rest of the Jello Shots, or 50/50 tickets

  • If a game slows down, it's time to work the mic and get your guests engaged

  • Make 15, 10 and 5 minute calls leading up to Toonie Toss. Prompting guest to make take a second or third shot at winning.

  • Reminding everyone that they should purchase additional tickets for penny draws or grand prizes.

  • Assist with working Interactive Games

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